Goal-Oriented Strategic Planning & Accounting Support Services

Achieve your business goals through careful strategic planning and detailed accounting support from Lessons Learned Solutions of Vernon Hills, Illinois. Services are portable to other environments, although the focus primarily on senior living.

Strategic Planning

Proper strategic planning provides the ability to put together a marketing and financial model that incorporates various "what-if" assumptions from an operational and a brick and mortar perspective. The model is based upon where you've been, where you are and where you may be headed.  

Strategic Planning is needed all of the time, however, it is essential when thinking of adding a new brick-and-mortar addition, changing service structures, or doing renovations in an existing section of your facility that proper and prudent homework is conducted. Lessons Learned Solution has a leader with a proven track record in multiple settings and scenarios, who has been involved in countless strategic planning initiative ranging from very small to incredibly large and complex.

Strategic Planning

Finance & Accounting Support
Lessons Learned Solutions knows how to make numbers dance, to effectively serve your needs and identify processes that support your business objectives, mission and vision.

 Our Services Include:
• Review of Reporting Requirements for target audiences
• General Financial Management of Accounting Functions
• Production of Financial Statements
• Review of Staffing Needs
• Cash Management
• Accounts Receivable

Contact us at (708) 996-0395 in Vernon Hills, Illinois, for versatile accounting support from a team of seasoned professionals.