Seasoned Interim Management & Detailed Technology Reviews

Keep your business sustainable for years to come with support from Lessons Learned Solutions. Based in Vernon Hills, Illinois, we offer interim management and technology reviews for businesses and organizations nationwide.

Interim Management

Interim management is a convenient solution for when your organization has lost an executive and needs issues handled immediately before hiring someone full-time. Assistance can be attained to work through those issues, giving leadership time to step back, take a breath, and review next steps before moving forward.  

Services include, but are not limited to  CFO (Chief Financial Officer), CEO (Chief Executive Officer), and other forms of leadership. including access to a network of resources to be determined based upon the organizations needs, challenges and opportunities.  

Interim Management

Technology Reviews
Software is reviewed in relation to business processes and other business related systems. An assessment is provided related to how well technology is serving the organization rather than trying to make the organization adapt or fit to the technology. The following items are specifically addressed:

• Is this software integrated into the overall business processes?
• Is the software being used in a way that really produces results?
• Is there overkill on redundant processes that are producing significant additions to cost?
• Are there indicators or data elements that are readily available to manage the business on a prospective basis, rather than simply on a historical basis?

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